Everett golf course severely damaged after wrong chemicals sprayed on grass

EVERETT, Wash. — A major landscaping error is causing a huge revamp at Everett’s oldest golf course.

Over the next few weeks, every single putting green at Walter Hall Golf Course will be torn up and replaced because the wrong chemical spray was used on the grass.

“(The lawn) started getting browner and bumpier. It was burned pretty good,” noted golfer Elvis Wheeler.

Golf course officials said a miscommunication with a city contractor led to the spraying of incorrect chemicals along the course.

In the process, 18 putting greens were ruined in just few days.

Currently, much of the golf course is off-limits while tons of sod are planted.

“It’s really going to look like it’s done for quite a while, but then there’s a growing phase before we can actually allow people to start playing on it,” said Bob Leonard of Everett Parks and Recreation.

Faced with mounds of dried-out lawn, golf course workers told KIRO 7 there had been a noticeable decline in golfers at Walter Hall.

Parks and Recreation employees were quick to remind the public that the course is still open, complete with makeshift putting greens.

To encourage increased turnout, golfing prices have been lowered.

“It was only 50 bucks for two of us in the cart,” said golfer Tammy Smith. “It’s normally double that.”

Damage estimates for the “lawn remodel” are still coming in.

At this rate, workers said things won’t be back to normal until after Labor Day.

KIRO 7 learned repairs for the damaged course will not come at a cost to taxpayers That’s because the contractor who caused all the damage has agreed to pay the entire bill to replace everything that was ruined.