Edmonds School District internet outage continues Monday

The Edmonds School District is investigating “suspicious activities” in its network, causing a district-wide internet shutdown.

“The proactive steps that we have taken thus far, disabling our internet access, and resetting all staff and student passwords during this morning’s 2-hour late start, have significantly mitigated additional security issues,” the district stated to staff and families on Wednesday.

On Friday, a district spokesperson did not have new updates and said the district is still investigating. It is unclear if there is or was a timeline for internet services to be restored.

Phones, fire alarm systems, HVAC systems, and most building systems are still operational, according to the district.

The district first became aware of suspicious activities in its network on Jan. 31. The district has not explained what the “suspicious activities” are, citing the ongoing investigation.

Several teachers said they are not allowed to access their work emails through personal devices, which means they can’t access their emails until the cybersecurity issue is resolved.

On Monday, the Edmonds School District released a statement that they are making good progress towards restoring internet access, adding staff and students will not be available Monday.

Officials hope access to key online tools will begin in the next few days.