Edmonds pot shop and nearby smoke shop latest targets by thieves

Dank’s Wonder Emporium, a pot shop, in Edmonds is the latest business targeted by thieves. The owners are now offering a $5,000 reward that leads to the arrest of the suspects involved.

KIRO 7 obtained surveillance video showing a red minivan pulling into the parking lot, and backing into the front door not once, but four times.

“When I got here it was quite the scene. We had like three panels total damaged, they like pushed in the wall,” said Savahanna Korvales, manager at Dank’s Wonder Emporium.

Edmonds Police say the incident happened just before 3 a.m. Thursday. As of now, they are actively searching for all suspects involved.

“They didn’t take anything, you can tell that they were aiming their car, and they had the ATM in mind,” said Korvales.

Korvales says it’s beyond upsetting to wake up to this news.

“You not only damaged our building, but you also damaged our spirits, I think that it is unfair to make someone feel unsafe at their work,” said Korvales.

As officers were responding to the break-in they noticed a car at the intersection, with their hazards on. They believe it was acting as a lookout. When officers realized what was happening, they say both cars took off.

“It was immaculate timing I guess I would say that a cop happened to be in the area,” said Korvales.

Korvales says they’ve been targeted in the past.

“At the very end of 2021 we were robbed, but it was while we were open,” said Korvales.

And, they’re not the only ones, on Sunday just three minutes down the road the owner of 76th Smoke Shop was robbed at gunpoint.

Korvales is pleading with the community to speak up and report any information that can lead to any arrests.

“I am very discouraged and disappointed and we are going to pursue any charges that we can, we are absolutely not going to let this go,” said Korvales.

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