Duckling knocks on door for help at Stanwood Library

STANWOOD, Wash. — After Stanwood Library employees Marlene Moodie and Vicky Beatty heard a light knock on the library’s front door, they found a duckling desperately tapping its beak on the door.

The duckling and an older Mallard duck were looking for help after eight ducklings were trapped in an access well that led to the library’s crawl space.

Moodie scooped the ducklings out of the hole, but they went off running in separate directions.

The mother duck tried to corral her offspring, but after library staff returned to the scene, some of the ducklings ended up back in the hole and became trapped again.

But this time, the mother duck was nowhere to be seen.

Library staff walked around the area, looking for the mother duck, but she could not be found.

Four ducklings were rescued from the hole again and library staff took them to a wildlife care center in Arlington.

Two more ducklings were eventually found under the building and were rescued with a net.

A week later, the library staff checked on the ducklings, who are healthy and recovering in a waterfowl nursery, where they will be released onto a pond on the wildlife care center’s property.