DoorDash sends drivers to Tacoma couple’s home for Popeye’s Chicken

SEATTLE — Having strangers roll up your driveway and knock on your door at all hours of the night won’t make you feel safe. That’s what’s happening to a frustrated Tacoma couple.

Because DoorDash has mistakenly listed their home address as a restaurant.

Jessi Crabill and Cody Stone are fried, “so what’s happening is our house is pinned as a Popeye’s restaurant.” 

They have had cars pulling in and out of their driveway for the last two weeks. Ever since a new Popeye’s opened about 5 miles away.

The couple contacted DoorDash multiple times about fixing this, “Oh, it’s dangerous. If I was pulling up into someone’s yard at 11:00 at night, I would be nervous about it, especially if I was at the wrong place.”

Tired of the uninvited and the run around from the company, they called our Jesse Jones for help. We tested the app ourselves, and sure enough within a few minutes of ordering from Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken, a confused dasher showed up.

“Yeah, it. It is dangerous. I don’t normally do DoorDash at night. If I do, I do it with my boyfriend or with someone else, " said the Dasher who was sent to the couple’s house to pick up our order.

So, we reached out to DoorDash hoping to help Jessi and Cody stop this crazy game of chicken. Here’s what they said:

“Our original handling of this case fell short of the high standards we set ourselves. We have now resolved the issue and reached out to the couple to help make things right.”

As of tonight, the Popeye pick-ups have stopped. No more Dashers are crossing Jessi and Codi’s private road in search of chicken.