Documents appear to contradict Rossi interview on foreclosure knowledge

KIRO 7 aired an extended interview with 8th District Republican congressional candidate Dino Rossi two weeks ago and asked the successful real estate investor about the Democratic ads attacking him over foreclosures during the great recession.

Those ads say he profited from the misery of others.

“Absolutely not actually since I've never done a foreclosure,” Rossi said. “I didn't talk about foreclosures and because I've never done one why would I talk about something I know nothing about?” he continued.

However, in 1991, Rossi bought a house in Issaquah that was in foreclosure after it was scheduled for a foreclosure auction.

The Seattle Times noted the purchase in a 2004 story about Rossi's first run for governor.

Documents from the King County Archives show Rossi's signature on the $203,000 bank loan he assumed to buy the house and his name on the deed that transferred ownership to him.

Rossi’s staff said he was in eastern Washington today and they did not agree to our request for a phone call.

In emails, his campaign manager responded that the house was purchased before the foreclosure was completed. He also said that no one lived there so no one was forced to leave and that Rossi was never in the business of profiting from foreclosure.

Rossi sold the house six years later, for $90,000 more than he paid for it.

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