Deputies responding to ‘behavioral health incident’ at Lynnwood middle school

LYNNWOOD, Wash. — The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office responded to an incident at Alderwood Middle School in Lynnwood late Wednesday morning.

Deputies have described it as behavioral health incident. They’ve been speaking with a student and are working with social workers to address the situation.

We talked with a mother who says she was terrified when she got a text from her daughter. She says that last Monday, the school district told parents in an email that thee was a student making threats against the school.

For this latest incident, she detailed her frustration with the level of communication from the district.

“My daughter was in the gym where (the student) was pounding on the gym trying to get in,” the mother described. “It’s really scary and frustrating, and frustrating for us as parents to not get the correct information and to not be told the person who was threatening violence the other day is still at school with our kids and nothing happened to them.”

“They missed a day of school and that’s it,” she added.

We have reached out to the district ourselves and are awaiting a response.