Convicted felon rams Bothell police car, leads officer on half-mile foot chase

BOTHELL, Wash. — A convicted felon rammed a Bothell Police Department patrol vehicle and then tried to run away Tuesday night.

Police say the chase started with a traffic stop around 11:20 p.m. in the 19300 block of North Creek Parkway when the driver refused to say who he was before crashing.

An officer chased the 29-year-old man for over a half mile on foot before arresting him without anyone being hurt.

“Thankfully, no officer (or anyone else) was injured,” said a spokesperson. “Officers are grateful to people in the area last night, who may have been inconvenienced. Your cooperation and patience were greatly appreciated.”

The man had an outstanding warrant for escaping parole. He now faces several additional charges including resisting arrest and hit and run.