‘Obviously deliberate’: Classes canceled after car crashes into Renton school

RENTON, Wash. — A car smashed into Hazen High School in Renton on Thursday morning.

The damage was so extensive the school was forced to cancel class.

“Early this morning, a little after 5 a.m., a vehicle driven by someone was smashed into the front of Hazen High School. Did some damage to the front of the school, smashed windows. We’re checking now to see if there’s any structural damage,” said Renton School District spokesperson Randy Matheson.

A curious student stopped by to check out the damage.

“I (heard about it) first from my friends and then I looked online and all of the group chats were just like filled up with pictures of the car and stuff,” said Hazen senior Martin Tuazon.

The pictures show a wrecked gray BMW SUV.

“I don’t know, at first I thought it was just like someone is bad at driving, but then on the way here I was thinking there’s so much sidewalk to go through, someone has to have done that on purpose,” said Tuazon.

District officials said they believe the crash was intentional.

Renton police say video shows two people getting out of the car and leaving in another one.

“It’s obviously deliberate, and we haven’t completed our investigation and we’re working with Renton police to also investigate this and hope to have answers later today,” said Matheson.

The district says classes will resume Friday. It has also determined the building remains structurally sound.

Families have been informed that they are welcome for parent-teacher conferences and Thursday’s Volleyball game.