Classes begin for Seattle Public Schools students

VIDEO: Classes begin at Seattle Public Schools

SEATTLE — It’s back to school for the state’s largest school district. Seattle Public Schools students in grades 1 through 12 are starting the year off through remote learning Friday.

Preschool and Kindergarten will head back on Tuesday.

Friday’s start is set to be a soft launch to get students familiar with the process, and that’s why the start of the school year was delayed a few days -- so educators could get a little more time to prepare for a school year that will be like no other.

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While school gets underway, SPS says the first two hours of the day will be devoted to helping students get settled into the virtual way of doing things.

That way, if there are any problems with things like internet connection, SPS says there will be a solid two hours to get those kinks worked out.

Next week will follow the same format.

SPS says more than ever, they want to make sure things go smoothly for the tens of thousands of students who are headed back to school during these unprecedented times.

“We know that anything can happen, but we are as prepared as we possibly can for all 52,000 to get online on Friday when school starts,” said Denise Juneau, Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools.

As SPS says, virtual instruction will be a way of life for students until the risks of COVID-19 are so diminished that students will be able to return to the actual classroom.