Child at Auburn school finds jar of cocaine on playground, tastes powder

AUBURN, Wash. — A jar of cocaine was found on a playground by a student at an Auburn elementary school last week.

According to a letter sent out to families of students at Evergreen Heights Elementary, the student found the powder in a glass jar and tasted its contents. Testing done by the Auburn Police Department determined that the powder was cocaine.

The child was OK, but at this point, it’s unclear how the jar got there in the first place.

“We bring this to your attention because it is a great time to remind your students they should never eat, drink, or inhale something unless it comes from a trusted adult,” the letter reads. “Drugs are a community problem and it takes the entire community to keep students safe.”

In the wake of the incident, teachers were told to talk to students “about what to do if they see anything that makes them uncomfortable, and share how to report the concern to a trusted adult.”