Centralia police arrest 2 suspects accused of delivering illegal drugs involved in man’s death

LEWIS COUNTY, Wash. — An investigation found that illegal drugs were involved in the death of a young adult in Centralia on Tuesday. Police then arrested two people accused of delivering the drugs.

Centralia police said they arrived around 9 a.m. at an apartment in the 3000 block of Borst Avenue after a report that a 22-year-old man was found unconscious and not breathing by his friend.

The man was declared dead in his apartment.

An investigation revealed that illegal drug use was involved in the cause of death.

Centralia Police Department detectives immediately initiated a Controlled Substance Homicide investigation.

Fentanyl was suspected to be involved, so assistance from the Joint Narcotics Enforcement Team was also requested.

Evidence in the investigations identified two people who were recently involved in providing illegal drugs to the victim.

A search of the CPD’s Flock Safety system found a car driving in the Tukwila area that was believed to be involved in providing illegal drugs to the man.

The Flock Safety operating system integrates vehicle data from over 2,000 law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Investigators were able to find the car in an apartment complex in Des Moines.

There, detectives found a 22-year-old woman from Moscow, ID, and a 36-year-old man from Tacoma.

Both people were arrested for Delivery of a Controlled Substance and booked into the Lewis County Jail.

“The poisonous effects of Fentanyl are killing individuals and devastating families,” said the CPD. “With the recent amounts of deadly Fentanyl that have been seized in our area, the Centralia Police Department and JNET have made it a priority to not only reduce the manufacturing, distributing, and transporting of illegal drugs and guns within our community but to also identify and arrest all the subjects who are involved in the delivery of illegal deadly drugs like Fentanyl.”

The investigation is ongoing, and no additional information is being released at this time, said police.

Anyone with information related to the incident is encouraged to call the Centralia Police Department at 360-330-7680 or Lewis County Communications at 360-740-1105.