Caught on camera: Daylight brawl breaks out at Cal Anderson Park

SEATTLE — A fight that broke out at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood was all caught on camera and is going viral.

KIRO 7 spotted the nearly 3-minute video posted on Reddit of a fight that happened Sunday between a few people. Thousands of people have commented on the video.

“Yeah, it was a little too much for me,” Jade, who KIRO 7 showed the video, said.

In the video, one man is taken down to the ground in a choke hold. Moments later, you see a group of people surround them and start attacking the man performing the chokehold. They start kicking and punching him in the head until he is knocked out cold.

As for what started the fight, that remains somewhat of a mystery. According to comments online, the fight stems from a woman’s dog being off-leash and trying to eat people’s food.

The Seattle Fire Department sent this response to the incident:

“That response came at the request of Seattle Police for an incident that matches your description. However, the patient declined medical care as our crews arrived on scene.”