Carpool lane cheater busted using CPR dummy as ‘passenger’

SHORELINE, Wash. — Using a dummy as your “passenger” so you can drive in the HOV lane?

You may want to rethink it or pay the price.

A Washington State Patrol motorcycle trooper recently stopped an HOV violator on southbound Interstate 5 near 185th in Shoreline.

The trooper said it was pretty clear the “passenger” — apparently an advanced cardiac life support dummy used to teach CPR techniques — was not real.

Even though WSP has repeatedly warned solo drivers not to drive in the HOV lane, people continue to take shortcuts.

Last September, a trooper stopped a driver in the carpool lane who used a duffel bag, blankets and a hat to construct a fake passenger.

Last October, Halloween spirit was in full swing when a trooper pulled over an HOV lane driver in Renton who had a terrifying clown grinning in the passenger seat.

The fine for the first HOV lane violation is $186. After that, other violations within two years increase to $336.

But if a doll or dummy is in the car, an extra $200 will be added to the fine.

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