Businesses still being fined 4 months into statewide mask mandate

VIDEO: Businesses being fined for not complying with mask mandate

Four months into the statewide mask mandate, businesses are still being fined.

State workers are warning businesses that they’re keeping a close eye when it comes to the current order.

Since July, undercover agents with the Washington Department of Labor and Industries say they’ve fined eight businesses for violations, including ones in Auburn and Enumclaw.

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There’s also been eight customer and three employee violations.

KIRO 7 spoke to workers who told us what they’re doing to help weed out violators.

“You can call in or report safety issues online, it’s very easy. I’ve done it already and I’ve asked my coworkers to do it also -- and customers,” said Albertson’s front-end manager Kyong Barry.

Fines for violations range from $1,200 to $7,500.

L&I agents do about 100 spot checks daily.

The state says it’s received about 14,000 tips since it started taking complaints.