Brass knuckles, stolen gun among items found during arrest of Everett suspect

EVERETT, Wash. — A man involved in several shooting incidents in central Everett this year was found with brass knuckles, a stolen gun, and a second gun that was converted to be automatic, according to Everett Police.

Earlier this week, members of the department’s Anti-Crime Team spotted a suspect at an Everett business who was known to have a suspended driver’s license and a misdemeanor warrant.

As he drove away from the business, officers tried to pull him over, but he sped off.

The next day, police again saw the man, this time at a north Everett gas station, where officers blocked his car in a parking spot. Police said they saw the suspect drop a pistol onto the car’s floorboard as officers approached.

The man was arrested for third-degree driving with a suspended license and eluding police.

During a search of the man’s car, police found the pistol the man had dropped onto the floorboard was stolen. They also found another gun that had a switch to make it automatic, as well as brass knuckles, a knife, and various bags believed to contain drugs, according to a photo posted on the Everett PD Facebook page

With those discoveries, the man was booked with the additional charges of two counts of unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of a stolen firearm, and possession of a dangerous weapon.

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