Boeing starting next generation of aircraft, replacing helicopter in service since Vietnam War

Boeing is starting production of the next generation of military aircraft. The MH-139A “Grey Wolf” will replace the UH-1N “Huey” helicopter, which has been in service since the Vietnam War.

The helicopters are made to protect intercontinental ballistic miles across the U.S. and for transportation VIP and security personnel, said Boeing.

Boeing said it’s starting initial production of the Grey Wolf after sending a final test aircraft to the U.S. Air Force last month.

Right now, Boeing has a contract to build the first 13 choppers but it plans to provide up to 80 of them.

“Delivering all of the RDT&E aircraft to the Air Force enables them to continue critical operational testing and allows Boeing to focus on building the first production aircraft,” said MH-139 program director Azeem Khan. “The Grey Wolf will provide crucial national security capability improvements to the Air Force. This is an important step in getting the aircraft into service.”

The first production aircraft delivery is slated for 2024.

“With the final test aircraft delivered, we’re headed into an exciting production phase. With the MH-139, the United States Air Force is getting a faster and more capable aircraft to bring them into a new era of service for this mission,” said MH-139 Senior Program Manager, Robert Beyer.

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