Biden-Harris victory sparks celebrations across the Puget Sound

SEATTLE — People across the Puget Sound area took to the streets to celebrate President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

The Capitol Hill Pride celebration officially started at about 2 p.m. Saturday. Celebrations have been going on all over the place since the moment the news was announced.

From the Emerald City to the city of Destiny, the Puget Sound raised its collective voice in celebration.

Most were savoring the moment they got the news.

“They said, ‘Did you hear the news that was announced, that Biden won?’” said Rachel Powers, Columbia City, who was on a walk when she found out.

“And then I was pacing around the house,” said Michi Suzuki, Seward Park. “I went outside, literally, and started, banging pots and pans, by myself.”

“I mean, our first Black and Asian American VP,” marveled Jennifer Ashireu, Capitol Hill. “We’re free of Donald Trump. I’m so happy.”

“I cried,” said Dawnelle De Marco. “And I called my mom. And we cried together. Because she is almost 80 years old, and she is overwhelmed with how happy she is.”

Kamala Saxton, an owner of Columbia City’s SuperSix, watched her parking lot turned into a dance floor, a moment especially sweet, perhaps, since she and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris share a first name.

“For us, for our community, for the city in which we all live in. It’s a really exciting day for all of us,” said Saxton. “Today starts the day that I’m able to seen. And our community’s able to be seen.”

As expected, it was a noisy, raucous affair on Capitol Hill. Sweeter still, it seems, because of the excruciating days since Election Day.

“I don’t know,” said Dawn Lake, Seattle. “You just have to let out some steam. You know, just waiting and waiting for results, trying to distract yourself, trying to keep yourself calm.”

“It was the end of a reign of terror is what today was,” said Sophia Summers, a UW volleyball player, riding in a car with two teammates. “The end of a reign of terror. So we’re happy about it. We’re just glad we get to move forward.”

About a half-hour ago, there was a shift in the mood here. Lots of people dressed in black swarmed a Seattle Police patrol car, damaged the rear window. More cops showed up, and the group finally dispersed.

A lot of strong emotions all around.