‘Best buds’: Rescued bear cubs make public debut together at Woodland Park Zoo

SEATTLE — The Woodland Park Zoo says its two new brown bear cubs are quickly becoming close friends and now the public has a chance to see them interact together for themselves.

Juniper, a female brown bear, and Fern, a female grizzly bear, were both born this past winter.

Fern was rescued as an orphan in Montana. She arrived at the zoo in October and can be distinguished from Juniper by her “longer snout and smaller stature.”

Juniper was found roaming alone near an air force base in Anchorage, Alaska and met the public for the first time in August, according to WPZ. She currently weighs 256 pounds, significantly more than Fern.

“The cubs are fast becoming best buds and Juniper has taken Fern under her wing,” said Erin Sullivan, an animal curator at Woodland Park Zoo. “Zoo-goers are going to really enjoy watching the cubs grow, play and get into mischief together.”

The zoo has one additional grizzly in its Living Northwest Trail: 28-year-old Keema.

Woodland Park Zoo says it will continue to share updates on how the cubs are doing on its website.