Bellevue teen using coding skills to help support restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic

BELLEVUE, Wash. — A Bellevue teen is using her coding skills to help support restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s no secret that restaurants have taken a huge hit.

So Sophie Sajnani created a new website called Bellevuebites.com aims to give them a fighting chance.

“I really value their presence and I want to see them going strong even when we get out of this,” Sajnani said.

Sajnani is a freshman at Newport High School in Bellevue.

“I wanted to do something to help out and I used my skills with computer science and I was like this would be a good idea why not try it out,” she explained.

So she immediately started making phone calls to restaurants in Seattle and Bellevue and got the okay to include them on the site. She showcases deals offered by the restaurants. For instance, Dough Zone is offering 10% off pick up orders. All you have to do is click on the logo and it links you directly to the restaurant's page.

“I know a lot of other food platforms like Uber Eats will charge a service fee and I wanted to keep mine completely free and promotional for these restaurants - just something to help them out,” Sajnani said.

At 14, Sajnani knows what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. She’s already started her own company called Taschen Bags.

With school closed right now, she says the site has given her a purpose during the pandemic.

“Before this I felt super bored and alone because I couldn’t see any of my friends. This has definitely given me a drive and motivation to work and learn new skills in coding,” Sajnani said.

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