Barge runs aground in Gig Harbor, hits home

GIG HARBOR, Wash. — A large barge ran aground in Gig Harbor Monday morning, hitting a waterfront home off Sunrise Beach Drive.

Coast Guard officials said the captain of the tugboat Island Chief fell asleep at the helm. The tug did not run aground, but the barge, named Island Chase, did, scraping the waterfront house.

The tug was heading southbound at the time and the barge was empty.

The general manager of Island Tug and Barge Company said his four-person crew was able to scramble into action to pull the barge off the beach and prevent more damage.

The company is working with the homeowner to get the damage repaired as quickly as possible.

The barge, which was heading to Anchorage, was towed to the company’s headquarters near Harbor Island. Divers will inspect it for damage.

Barge hits homes in Gig Harbor
Barge hits homes in Gig Harbor
Barge that ran aground in Gig Harbor
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