Armed robbery at Southcenter Mall jewelry store creates panic

Image: Westfield Southcenter Facebook page

SEATTLE — Police report that a group of four people, in their teens and early 20s, robbed a jewelry store at the Westfield Southcenter Mall with hammers.

No one was injured, according to Tukwila police, but many people crowded into the back of stores as officers swept the mall.

Tukwila police say no shots were fired. The noise that sounded like gunfire was caused by suspects breaking glass with hammers, police wrote over Twitter.

The suspects were last seen running out of the southwest side of the mall.

Comedian Sarah Colonna, who is married to Seahawks punter Jon Ryan, tweeted she was inside the Apple Store that’s located inside the mall.

She tweeted that people inside the mall were pushed to the back of the story for safety, but about 10 minutes later they were told the area was clear.

Nearly a month ago, in an unrelated incident, a shot was fired inside the Southcent mall's food court. Police said that only one shot was fired and it stemmed from a "dispute." No one was hit.