7-Eleven employee caught on video during rampage; not charged for months

SKYWAY, Wash. — A Skyway man was captured on surveillance video going on a rampage inside a 7-Eleven last April. But months later, while prosecutors decided whether to charge him, he was arrested for a similar rampage in Seattle.

The King County prosecutor filed charges in the Skyway case just a week ago. But the suspect has been in trouble with the law before. And he still isn't in jail.

It turns out he was an employee at the 7-Eleven where he allegedly began tearing up things inside.

There is no audio on the surveillance video so it is hard to know what, if anything, Kalamante Fleeks said as he entered the 7-Eleven. But within seconds, the 26-year-old is knocking over just about everything in sight. He then walks around the counter and continues the destruction, yanking out the cash drawer and emptying it of all of the money inside. It was just before 3:30 in the morning on April 21.

"The one that's doing all this craziness?" asked 7-Eleven customer Donella Young Rials, as she watched the video.

"Oh, my goodness. Are you serious? What? For what? What can be so bad that you do all that?"

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Fleeks was arrested. But a couple of days later, he was back on the streets. The King County prosecutor said they didn't get the full case report in time to meet the 72-hour hold rule. That may be. But just three months later, Fleeks was arrested at the Dick's on Seattle's Capitol Hill. He was accused of using a pipe to chase vehicles and to damage a walk-up food window.

Neither the owner nor the corporate field representative at the 7-Eleven on Martin Luther King Junior Way South would talk on camera. 

They also declined to confirm what Fleeks told detectives: That he and his girlfriend worked here. He told them the worker seen standing calmly during the rampage was a friend.

When asked what happened, Fleeks said he was high on crack, alcohol and Xanax. He came to the 7-Eleven to use his coworker's phone to call his girlfriend. But the phone wouldn't work.

"I just flew into a rage for nothing to be honest," he said, "and that's what it really boils down to."

Fleeks' grandfather talked to KIRO 7 by cellphone. He says he now lives in Texas and hasn't seen his grandson for at least a year. He says he knows his grandson has a "short fuse." But he says he will "have to pay the consequences for his actions."​​​​​​​

Fleeks is to turn himself in to be arraigned next Monday morning.