19-year-old arrested for shooting man near Ballard pool after friend refused to leave

BALLARD, Wash. — Horrific new footage shows a violent Sunday afternoon shooting in Ballard.

Police say the man in the video is 19-year-old Lucas Barrett.

Police would arrest Barrett a few hours after the shooting at his dad’s house, where he was napping.

Officials still don’t know what led up to the shooting, but King County Prosecutors did say that it appeared to be “of a random nature and not just one shot was fired but multiple shots were fired,” during Barrett’s first court appearance, on Monday.

That Sunday shooting happened just off 15 Avenue Northwest and Northwest 67 Street, right across the street from Ballard Pool.

“I can’t believe it was right outside our door,” said one neighbor, who heard the gunfire, but didn’t know where it happened until she watched the footage.

“My housemate and I were just hanging out and we heard about five or six gunshots go off. We kind of told ourselves it was a little further away but seeing it within a sidewalk’s distance is pretty surreal,” she said.

Court documents say Barrett met the victim earlier at a bus stop and brought the man back to his friend’s house just off 15 Avenue Northwest and Northwest 67 Street. Barrett and his friend then wanted the man to leave, when the victim refused the friend told police he went to grab his gun.

Court documents say Barrett encouraged the friend to shoot the victim as he left. When the friend didn’t, court documents say Barrett took the gun off his friend and ran after the victim.

“The alleged victim was walking, then running away from him and Mr. Barrett shot him, said the King County Judge during Barrett’s Monday court appearance.

Court documents show Barrett told investigators he fired the gun as a warning saying, “If the victim heard the whizzing of the bullets that would be an effective warning.”

Investigators found Barrett at his dad’s house.  When police got there, Barrett was asleep. His dad brought police out a backpack Barrett had next to where he slept, inside was a gun missing five rounds.

During Monday’s court appearance, the Judge said, “Based on those facts alone I think there’s a significant risk of future violent crime.”  The King County Judge added, “I am going to impose bail of 750,000 dollars.”

Barrett is being charged with 1st Degree Assault. The victim is still at Harborview Medical Center in satisfactory condition.