SeattleInsider: Jesus Christ made Seattle under protest

SEATTLE, Wash. — When dodging through tens of thousands of people at the Pride Parade over the weekend I caught myself wondering when I was going to finally hit Seneca Street.

Fortunately for my tired body, my brilliant brain remembered something that proved to be extremely helpful.

“Jesus Christ made Seattle under protest.”

This silly, nonsensical phrase became important not because I was praying to Jesus to help me.

No, it was because this little phrase reminded me that from Union Street it would only be two more blocks before I hit Seneca.

For years, this phrase has been used by Seattleites to remember where streets fall in the downtown district.

You start at Jefferson Street, then you head north to James ("Jesus"), Cherry and Columbia street ("Christ"). From there it goes Marion, Madison ("Made"), Spring, Seneca ("Seattle"), University, Union ("Under"), Pike and Pine Street ("Pressure").

It dawned on me that folks new to the city might not know about this helpful acronym.

So there you go. Next time you are downtown for a weekend adventure you don’t need no silly map.

Your day will be complete as long as you remember your car keys, your wallet and the simple phrase, “Jesus Christ made Seattle under protest.”