Jesse Jones

New app stops companies from collecting your data

If you’re using an app on your smart phone, chances are that businesses are collecting your data. Now there’s a new app called ‘Permission Slip’ that gives you a fighting chance to stop companies from profiting off your personal information.

Big business loves your data. But do you know what’s happening with your information?

“They sell it to data brokers who then sell to multiple other companies. And really, the only way to tell companies not to do that is one by one, say, hey, please don’t resell my data,” says Kevin Brasler from Puget Sound Consumers’ Checkbook.

He turned me on to Permission Slip. It’s an app created by consumer reports that will stop companies from collecting your data.

With one press of a button Permission Slip tells companies to stop sharing your data. And you can also tell private data brokers you don’t want your information resold also.

Why will they stop with one request? It’s because of a California law that gives consumers the right to access, delete, and stop the sale of their information.

“I think most consumers say, well, this isn’t a big deal. But the problem is criminals are getting access to these data because they keep breaching companies’ websites, they keep reaching their databases,” says Kevin.

You can find Permission Slip on both android and Apple app stores. And It’s absolutely free.