Drugs, alcohol, not big factors in fatal crashes in Snohomish County

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. — Contrary to South King County and the South Sound, alcohol and drugs aren’t much of a factor in fatal crashes in Snohomish County.

INRIX Traffic expert Bob Pishue says about 20% of drivers in fatal crashes tested positive for drug or alcohol use.

“Speed. In about 1 out of 4 fatal collisions, speed was a factor. It is a factor in Snohomish County still that speed impacts the severity of a collision, so it seems like alcohol and drugs seem (to be) less of a factor, but speeding is still definitely a factor,” Pishue said.

Pishue also noted that Snohomish County did not have a large concentration of hot spots like in South King County.

However, the corridor of Evergreen Way has a very high number of fatal collisions. The corridor had 10 collisions in 3 years resulting in 11 deaths.