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West Seattle community rallies for teen fatally shot, ending gun violence

SEATTLE — A rally was held Friday afternoon in South Seattle to honor and remember Mobarak Adam, a teenager who was killed in January. Seattle Police said the Adam was shot and killed in a bathroom at a teen center in West Seattle. Family and loved ones still do not have any answers as to what happened and police don’t have any suspects in custody. The rally was held to demand justice for Adam and also other victims lost to gun violence.

“He was definitely a goofy kid, 15 you know they don’t take life too seriously, unfortunately he never got the chance to take his life seriously,” Leyla Adam, his sister said. Adam’s family, friends and community are desperate for answers.

“They know who was there, the three people that were with him so that’s been something that our family has been having a lot of struggle, grappling with,” Leyla said. Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz confirmed that there are three witnesses they still need to interview.

“We have not been able to interview the witnesses it’s part of the legislation of interviewing them with their attorneys so we’re working hard to try to make sure we can understand what happened in that bathroom because somebody has the answers,” Diaz said. He also told KIRO 7 that they have not been able to recover the gun that was used, but they are testing the shell casings that were found at the scene.

“It feels like the world has stopped but everything keeps moving forward,” Leyla said. “If you know who was there why is it taking so long to put an arrest?”

If you have any information about what happened, call Seattle Police.

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