Car-surfing accident video sparks conversation about teen safety

KENT, Wash. — UPDATE: The parents of Lupo Benson, the student killed while car-surfing at Kent-Meridian HS in 2015, are suing the Kent School District for wrongful death.

2015 STORY: Kent-Meridian High School has released video showing the car-surfing accident more than two weeks ago that claimed the life of a student. 
The video shows how an impulsive decision by teenagers can have tragic consequences.  KIRO 7 decided to show it in the hope it will spark an important conversation between parents and students about safety.
The video begins with Lupo Benson, in a red shirt, jumping on the hood of a silver SUV.  With several students watching, the vehicle backs up, then steadily accelerates off screen.
Students mill around the Kent-Meridian High School parking lot.  There is no sign any of them are the least bit concerned. No one is trying to stop the vehicle.
A few seconds later, the SUV zips around the parking lot near the top of the screen.  KIRO 7 stopped the video a few seconds before Benson flies off the car.  He later died because of injuries from the fall.
Benson's dad said at a vigil for his son earlier this month that he would have never dreamed anything like this would happen.
The Kent School District also said the driver of the car and Benson's family are aware the video was released.  KIRO 7 also checked back with the King County Prosecutor's Office.

Attorneys are still deciding whether the student driving the car will face criminal charges.

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