Beloved Bothell golf course saved from developers

Wayne’s Golf Course has been saved from developers, a coalition announced on Wednesday.
Citizens and the city have been pushing to preserve -- for parks and for salmon habitat.

"Our mission is to preserve the Wayne Golf Course land, situated along the Sammamish River and Burke-Gilman trail, for recreation, education, and fish and wildlife habitat."

The group, OneBothell notes four areas where the community benefits from the preservation of the Wayne Golf Course land:
  1. Environmental restoration to contribute to recovery of endangered species;
  2. Protection of land as recreational corridor, vital to growth of Bothell community;
  3. Upholding intention of Conservation Easement acquired with funds from King Co.; and,
  4. Establishment of an onsite interpretive center to provide education for visitors.
In April, an investigation was underway into whether Bothell Mayor Joshua Freed violated any ethics laws when he was part of a group of developers that acquired the rights to buy part of Wayne Golf Course.




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