Seattle Kraken

Seattle Kraken mascot Buoy obliterated after confrontation with Paul Bissonnette

While the Seattle Kraken topped the Vegas Golden Knights Monday at the Winter Classic in Seattle, it wasn’t the only battle to take place at T-Mobile Park.

What took place Monday started with a simple tweet in October from former NHL player and TNT broadcaster Paul Bissonnette.

The two traded insults on social media, with Buoy telling Bissonnette to not hide from him. Bissonnette responded with, “On my way to Seattle as we speak you mutant. I’m going to take over your city you ugly SOB. Just watch.”

And that comes to today when Buoy donned oversized boxing gloves and approached the broadcast area during the second intermission where BIssonnette, Wayne Gretzky and others were discussing the Winter Classic.

Buoy started swinging at Bissonnette, as he fought back with his microphone. Buoy’s gloves fell off and as he started stalking Bissonnette, he momentarily tripped over a chair.

Buoy chased him around the set, with a KICK ME sign, ready to be taped to Bissonnette’s back. Bissonnette then threw his microphone at Buoy, striking him in the head.

Buoy then went after Bissonnette, who was ready. Dropping Buoy with a high shoulder and knocking the mascot out.

And, finally, with an homage to The Rock, Bissonnette dropped The People’s Elbow on poor Buoy’s head.

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