Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks dealing with 2 straight losses and funky schedule getting ready for Dallas

RENTON, Wash. — While most of the rest of the league played on Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks were treating it like a Wednesday while starting to get ready for another Thursday game.

Confusing? The Seahawks were trying to figure it out themselves.

“We’re right in the midst of it. It’s just turning your brain around because you feel like you’re on a different planet here,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said Sunday. “So yeah, there’s a challenge to that. But that’s why we tried to get right back into the routine so it feels the same regardless. It’s kind of like a bit of a time warp and we just go at it.”

On top of losing two straight, the Seahawks are facing the most difficult section of their schedule and a calendar they’ve never experienced. The Seahawks (6-5) were thumped 31-13 by San Francisco on Thanksgiving night at home and will turn around and play on a second straight Thursday when they play at Dallas in just a few days.

So instead of getting an extended weekend off to rest and watch the remaining games around the league, Carroll and his players were back to work on Sunday.

“It’s weird watching the games on right now and we’re going to practice,” Seattle wide receiver DK Metcalf said. “It just feels weird practicing a Wednesday on a Sunday, but I’m ready to get back to work.”

It’s the first time for Seattle playing consecutive Thursday games, while it’s become a regular occurrence for the Cowboys. Dallas has played on Thursday after hosting the Thanksgiving game seven times since 2014. The Cowboys also had a Thursday game post-Thanksgiving scheduled for 2020 that had to get rescheduled because of other games being moved because of COVID-19 issues.

Veteran Seattle linebacker Bobby Wagner said the holiday also threw in another wrinkle to the recovery in the couple of days following the 49ers loss.

“You have this week where the holiday, you’re working on the weekends, some places are closed if you want to use them. People’s schedules are different on the weekend,” Wagner said. “So I just think it’s part of being a professional and figuring out how to maximize your time, and it’s our job to make sure we’re ready when we play.”

Carroll said he believes having the rhythm of a full week — along with the preparation — will help Seattle’s performance. He also said it should benefit quarterback Geno Smith, who was limited in the number of reps he took in practice last week while dealing with an injury to his right arm. Carroll said Smith came out of the loss to the 49ers without further issues.

“He made it through the game, did not get banged at all. He’s likely to have a really normal week of prep,” Carroll said.