Seattle Seahawks

Francis Forecast: Week 7 in the NFL

Ok, the first time we crow about having a winning record, we have our first losing week. I blame the Seahawks’ poor Red Zone issues, that was 2 losses right there and the Niners going down didn’t help either. The Forecast finished 2-6 but our overall record is still positive, 22-19-2. Join the Seahawks and get back on track with eight more picks.

Bills -8.5 over Patriots: After struggling his first couple of years in the league against the Belichick defense, Josh Allen has figured it out. Buffalo has covered the last four meetings with their division rival rather easily. I don’t think this number is too big even though you don’t know what Patriot team is going to show up. The one that got destroyed by Dallas and New Orleans or the team that hung tough with the … Raiders? Buffalo will ROLL even in Foxboro.

Bucs -2.5 over Falcons: Tampa is not pleased with their poor showing against the Lions last week. I’m not pleased either, cost me a win. Anyway, they’ll bounce back at home against the Falcons who have a good young team and play well at home. That said, all three of Atlanta’s losses have come away from the Benzo. Tampa’s D will show up Sunday and help hold Bijan in check.

Lions +3 over Ravens:  The Lions are playing back-to-back road games which scares me a little but they have been crushing the spread for the better part of a full season now. 5-1 against the numbers this year, 8-2 vs the spread to finish 2022, there’s no way I’m jumping off a 13-3 ride! They don’t have to win they just have to hang with a Ravens team that has been up and down all year. Take the 3 points, it should be enough!

Seahawks -7.5 over Cardinals: This number tells you exactly what Vegas thinks about the Cardinals. Even with the Seahawks offense looking terrible in Cincy, they are still over a touchdown favorite. I don’t argue much with Vegas, they know what they are doing and the Seahawks don’t seem overly worried either. I think they get back close to their average scoring (before last week) and win by at least 10 points. More on this game in the locks… you probably already know what I mean by that!

Chiefs/Chargers over 47.5: OK, the Chargers are brutal. They could be so good but somehow each week they seem to waste a fantastic cast of offensive players with terrible decisions. That said the scores in the last five KC/LAC games add up to 57, 51, 62, 59, 57. Yep, all those over Sunday’s number. MaHomes and MaAuto may have to do a lot of the work but maybe Herbert finds Keenan for a couple and this one will go over the total!

Eagles -2.5 over Dolphins: As much as I hate to do it, I don’t bet with my heart. My Dolphins have looked great beating bottom feeders like Carolina, NYG, Denver, NE, and the Chargers. The only good team they’ve played, the Bills, destroyed them. The Eagles are a good team. Playing at home. Do I have to say anymore? Lay the number. Philly is not happy after losing to the Jets, they won’t lose 2 straight.


Seahawks TT over 26.5 : Yep, you knew it was comin! I’ve bet this three previous times in 6 weeks and I’m 1-2. I still have faith in the Seahawks offense to put up points, especially against a sub-par defense. The Cardinals rank 28th in the league in yards allowed and are giving up 27 points per game. The Hawks, before last week’s debacle in the Bengals Red Zone were scoring the same amount. I think they get back there Sunday. It’s a lock!

Niners -7.5 over Vikings: and back to the well on the Niners too. They looked human in Cleveland and now play their 2nd straight road game. But the Vikings defense will look like a Division III college team compared to the Browns and even if they are missing some key guys in Deebo and CMC they should get back to their 30 point per game streak. (first five games all over 30 points). Will the Vikings hang against the best defense in the NFC? Without Justin Jefferson? No chance. Niners dominate, 30-16 or worse.

Ok, enjoy week seven and let’s hope we rebound like the Seahawks!