Seattle Mariners

Report: Mariners have the cheapest beer in MLB

A new report from USA Today shows the Seattle Mariners have the cheapest beer in all of Major League Baseball.

USA Today obtained hot dog and beer prices at 29 MLB stadiums, from teams, food management companies or independent verification.

The Chicago Cubs and Tampa Bay Rays declined to participate.

According to USA Today, hot dog prices ranged from $3 to just over $8, with the Mariners falling in towards the cheap dogs.

The cheapest dogs are only $3 at a Miami Marlins game. The most expensive weiners are $8.25 at a Baltimore Orioles game.

Here are the Top 5 cheapest dogs:

  • Miami Marlins - $3
  • Atlanta Braves and Minnesota Twins - $3.99
  • Seattle Mariners and Milwaukee Brewers - $4
  • Cleveland Guardians - $4.50
  • Philadelphia Phillies - $4.63

Since different ballparks sell their beer in various sizes, beer prices were adjusted to be by ounce.

The most expensive beer can be found at Los Angeles Dodgers games, where it’s a staggering $0.99 an ounce.

The Mariners are at the top of the cheapest beer list, with beer only at $0.33 an ounce.

Here are the Top 5 cheapest beers, price per ounce:

  • Seattle Mariners - $0.33
  • Atlanta Braves, Minnesota Twins, and Miami Marlins - $0.42
  • Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees - $0.47
  • Colorado Rockies - $0.53
  • Kansas City Royals - $0.54