Woman accused of stealing over $600K from 86-year-old man

LAKEWOOD, Wash. — An 86-year-old man, suffering from dementia, was scammed out of more than half a million dollars by a woman he called his girlfriend.

Madonna Page, 40, faces eight counts of theft, and is accused of systematically stealing money from James Hollingsworth over a period of two years.

KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Kevin McCarty spoke with Lt. Dave Guttu of the Lakewood Police Department about the case.

“Over $600,000 -- over $400,000 in cash,” said Guttu.

According to court documents, Adult Protective Services started an investigation after neighbors noticed Page showing up at Hollingsworth’s home late at night.

Caretakers started expressing concern about Hollingsworth’s frequent withdrawals of large amounts of cash.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Hollingsworth suffers from “several health problems including dementia.”

Court records showed between Sept. 25, 2009 and Jan. 16, 2012, a total of $652,236.73 was withdrawn from his bank account.

When Page was confronted by a private investigator about the withdrawals, she allegedly said, “He gives me the money. ‘Tell them, James. You do it because you want to.’”

Hollingsworth allegedly referred to Page as his girlfriend, but police said their relationship isn’t clear.

“Was she, supposedly romantically involved with him? Nothing that we learned of. Nothing that indicates that from our standpoint,” said Guttu.

Police told KIRO 7 that Page, who is also known as Madonna Steve, has been involved with an older man. She lives in University Place with her 83-year-old husband.

Page faces arraignment later in March.

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