Uber to launch free way for drunken drivers to get home safely

SEATTLE — Uber is set to launch a new way to hail a driver that it says will also make roads safer.

Starting later this fall, the ridesharing service will set up a kiosk in random areas where drivers can blow into a Breathalyzer device.

If they're too drunk to drive, Uber will give them a free ride home, no questions asked.

This is one more step to ensure that people consider other options before getting behind the wheel to drive,” said Uber General Manager Brooke Steger.

Kyle Capps, who lives in lower Queen Anne, said he thinks it is a positive move and not something that should encourage more drinking.

"Most people are pretty responsible when it comes to drinking. If they like to drink a lot and get something out of it, that's OK with me,” said Capps.

For now, Uber says it will use one kiosk and rotate it around town, unannounced.

As for the straw, Uber says the machine will dispense a disposable straw so you users don’t have to worry about germs.

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