VP Harris in minor car accident the Secret Service first reported as ‘mechanical failure’

Vice President Kamala Harris and the director of the Secret Service have both reportedly expressed concerns over the report of an accident that happened on Monday involving the SUV Harris was traveling in to the White House, according to The Washington Post.

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No one was injured when the motorcade taking Harris to work was in a one-car accident on a closed roadway in Washington D.C., however, the incident was reported as a mechanical malfunction with the SUV the vice president was riding in.

It was later revealed that the driver of the SUV had hit a curb in a tunnel, damaging the vehicle’s tire so badly it had to be replaced, according to two people familiar with the incident.

The accident happened near Foggy Bottom at about 10:20 a.m., said the people, who spoke to the Post to share internal discussions on the condition of anonymity.

Harris was transferred to another vehicle in the motorcade so agents could safely take her on to the White House.

According to the Post, the Secret Service also failed to note key details of the incident in an electronic message alerting senior leadership to the motorcade’s delay.

The agency’s protective intelligence division reported “a mechanical failure” in the lead car had been the reason Harris was transferred to another vehicle, according to details of the alert shared with Post.

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told The Hill that the accident resulted from “a minor overcorrection” when the driver hit a curb and that, although initial radio traffic suggested a mechanical failure, agents later reported the “additional pertinent facts” to agency higher-ups, including the agency’s director Kim Cheatle, after Harris had been delivered to her destination.

Harris was reportedly examined by White House medical personnel. Her office confirmed she had not been injured in the incident.