Sold out? Mexican Pizza unavailable at some Taco Bell restaurants

Some Taco Bell customers have been frustrated when trying to get Mexican Pizza at the fast-food chain, because it has simply sold out.

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On its website, Taco Bell explained that Mexican Pizza has been selling out at restaurants across the country, and that supply chain issues are to blame. While Taco Bell said that it had anticipated fan excitement for the menu option’s return, “we just didn’t realize how big, and replenishing the beloved menu item is taking longer than we’d like.”

Unfortunately, Taco Bell has been unable to give an exact date for when restaurants may have Mexican Pizza back in stock but promises that the dish will return to its “permanent residency” on the menu.

Some Taco Bell locations have put signs up saying the Mexican Pizza is sold out, while others are warning customers when they begin their order, WXIN reported.

Taco Bell brought Mexican Pizza back to its menu on May 19 after it was discontinued in November 2020, as we previously reported.

Taco Bell also said that its plans for “Mexican Pizza The Musical” which was supposed to debut on TikTok on May 26, will proceed but there is no set date for its premiere.

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