Robot company offers $200K for your face

A robot manufacturing company is looking for a human face to put on its newest product. Promobot, a European company, said in a press release that it is willing to pay $200,000 to someone for the rights to use their face forever.

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The company said their plan is to use the new robot with its human face as an assistant in busy places like hotels and shopping malls. According to the press release, Promobot has a customer that is looking to put the robot assistant in airports, shopping malls, and retail stores in 2023.

Arnold Schwarzenegger sued Promobot in March 2020 for using his likeness on their products, People Magazine reported.

Promobot previously released a robot in Times Square in February 2020 that asked people whether they had common COVID-19 symptoms, Gizmodo reported.

Promobot said they want a “kind and friendly” face, but did not specify any age or gender.

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