Pantless? ABC’s Will Reeve gives coronavirus report on video call, but you can see his legs

Reporting the news has taken an almost casual tone because of quarantines necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic, with anchors and correspondents working from home.

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ABC News correspondent Will Reeve might have been a bit too casual working from home Tuesday morning while speaking with “Good Morning America” anchors Michael Strahan and Amy Robach.

As Reeve, 27, the son of the late actor, Christopher Reeve, spoke with the “GMA” anchors on a segment called “Pharmacies of the Future," he was dressed in business casual attire -- from the waist up. From the waist down, he was wearing comfortable shorts, clearly visible and showing his legs because of the camera angle, People reported.

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Detroit News film critic Adam Graham was the first to notice, tweeting, “Hey, put some pants on my guy.”

“They’re shorts, I promise,” Reeve answered back in a tweet.

Later on Twitter, Reeve explained his casual attire.

“Trying to be efficient I got ready for a post-GMA workout a little too soon this morning,” Reeve tweeted. “The camera angle, along with friends, family, and several hundred strangers on the social media made me rethink my morning routine. Any sartorial tips from these people who are wearing a belt, trousers and shoes during their work video calls at home are most welcome. Now, back to work. Wearing pants.”

It’s not the first time an ABC News correspondent did a report in his shorts. Peter Jennings, reporting from Cairo, did his camera standup in a formal coat. But when the segment was over, the cameraman panned down, to reveal Jennings’s untucked shirt covering his bare legs. The moment is captured on YouTube (skip ahead to the 2:16 mark).

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Reeve remained lighthearted about it.I have ARRIVED* * in the most hilariously mortifying way possible,” he tweeted.

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