Korean Air to weigh passengers before boarding

A second airline will soon be weighing passengers.

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Korean Air is going to ask passengers to step on a scale before boarding, CNN reported. The weigh-ins are used to compile plane weight data and to comply with government airline regulations.

Airlines have to determine the average passenger weight every five years, USA Today reported. Other airlines have also done the data collection, Business Insider reported.

The tests will happen on flights from Gimpo International Airport from Aug. 28 to Sept. 3. Then again on flights leaving from Incheon International Airport from Sept. 8-19.

Passengers, while holding their carry-on luggage, will be weighed but this will be done anonymously, USA Today reported. Passengers can opt-out.

Once all the data is collected it will be shared with Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and will help the airlines determine how much fuel is needed and how to distribute weight onboard planes.

The last time the weigh-ins were done was in 2017 when it was found that the average adult man’s weight during the summer was 178.6 pounds. Women had an average weight of 152.1 pounds, Korea JoongAng Daily reported, according to Business Insider.

This is not the only airline to do a pre-boarding weigh-in. Air New Zealand also had a similar program between Auckland and New York’s JFK airports earlier this year.

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