Dog caught in coyote traps gnaws off leg to free herself

SAN ANTONIO — A dog that had gotten caught in an animal trap and gnawed off its leg to free herself is now recovering after being adopted.

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Shelby, a 1-year-old shepherd mix, was brought into the San Antonio Humane Society covered in cuts to her body and missing a leg, WOAI reported.

A good Samaritan saw the dog March 19 with the trap attached to her leg. The man tried to help her but she ran off. Three days later the man again saw Shelby, only by now she had gnawed off her leg to free it from the trap.

Her legs were swollen and the wounds were infected when she was brought into the animal shelter. Veterinarians quickly got to work. They performed multiple surgeries, a full body radiograph to see if there were any other fractures and used laser therapy to accelerate Shelby’s healing.

“Eventually, she warmed up enough to give us a tail wag and kisses,” Dr. Kristine Hawkins told WOAI. “Just this past weekend, we convinced her to venture outside. Now, she is absolutely thriving. She loves to run around outside and play.”

Shelby is doing physical therapy daily as part of her recovery and was adopted Monday, the shelter said.

“Shelby would love a home with a doggy playmate – someone her size or smaller who wouldn’t be rough on her,” Hawkins said. “She seems to be very loving and generous with kisses and is eager to receive tons of belly rubs. She would love a family who appreciates all that she has been through.”

If you look at Shelby’s smile today, you would never know everything she went through to get a second chance. The sweet...

Posted by San Antonio Humane Society on Saturday, April 17, 2021