Baby goats returned to petting zoo, juvenile thieves punished with chores at farm

NASHVILLE, MI — Six baby goats that were stolen from their enclosure just before dawn Monday from the MOO-ville Creamery in Barry County, Michigan, have been returned safely.

According to MLive, the goats were returned after the parents of three teenagers saw the photos of the missing goats on social media. The goats were returned and the boys have agreed to chores around the farm as punishment.

“They’re safe and they’re doing really well. They’re back in their home in the petting farm and they seem to be really happy to be back,” Lindsey Westendorp, a co-owner of the creamery, told MLive.

The goats were taken early Monday from a fenced area in front of the business. All are younger than 2 months old and require constant care, according to Westendorp.

Westendorp said in a Facebook post that the thieves were caught on video but initially said she would not give the evidence to the sheriff’s department. According to WILX, the surveillance footage was later given to the Barry County Sheriff’s Office.