32-year-old woman enrolled in three different high schools this school year

BOSTON — What would prompt an adult woman to register as a high school student not once but three times?

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Investigators are trying to answer that question in Boston.

Boston Public School officials said the 32-year-old woman, who used to be an employee at the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families from December 2021 to February 2023, enrolled at three schools over the past year.

Superintendent Mary Skipper said the woman enrolled as a student at Jeremiah E. Burke High School, Brighton High School and English High School using the student transfer process, enrolling under several pseudonyms, WFXT reported.

The investigation started after a staff member saw paperwork irregularities and reported it to administrators, who then called the police.

“While the investigation is in its early stages and remains ongoing, school officials have not identified any incidents of harm to students or staff,” Skipper said according to our sister station. “At this time families of students who may have interacted with this individual are being contacted directly by school staff and investigators.”

Skipper said it was a “breach of trust” and “a case of extremely sophisticated fraud,” WFXT reported.