Barack Obama broke the internet after tweeting Biden a #BidenMeme


Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Guys, we are living in weird times, and as much as we want to say Twitter is dying, it's proving to be a meaningful social media that we still can't get away from. I mean, if you told me that Lavar Ball and Donald Trump were going to be in a Twitter war in 2017, I would have told you that you were crazy.

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Well, let’s focus on the good part of Twitter, mainly Barack Obama’s Twitter.

Now we always know Barry O will Tweet exactly what America needs to hear; he is a master at that. Now some may need to take a class from him, but that is especially true today.

Today is Joe Biden’s birthday, and what better way to say HBD than a Tweet, right? Well we all love some great #BidenMemes, and Obama really came through on this one.

Now it’s only been a few hours since Barack made a funny but it already has over 177,000 retweets. It’s safe to say everyone lost their minds a little bit…

This comes after the weekend where Chance The Rapper and the SNL crew sung "Bring Back Barack" and made us all wish for four more years. Well at least we have some funny tweets to hold us over until Michelle…

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