• 911 call released: Teen calls 911 to confess to killing father

    By: Alison Grande


    TACOMA, Wash. -  

    Quick Facts:

    • 16-year-old Rylan Salzman has been charged as an adult and with second-degree murder
    • On Tuesday police said Rylan Salzman claimed he killed and buried his father in the backyard
    • Rylan Salzman was arraigned Friday and his bail was set at $1 million

    Police say Rylan Salzman, 16, confessed to killing his father in a 911 call. He told a 911 operator that his dad was in a container in the yard. Salzman was charged as an adult with second degree murder.

    The niece of a Tacoma man allegedly killed by his teenage son said she doesn’t know of any reason the boy would want to murder his father.

    Rylan Salzman, 16, was charged as an adult Friday with beating to death his father Richard, 49, and burying his body in a compost box in the backyard of his family’s home. Police said Rylan Salzman called 911 on Tuesday and confessed to the murder. 

    “I'm calling to confess to a killing,” Salzman told 911, “He’s outside in a container of sorts.” “I had a cane in my hand at the time.  I needed, I promise it wasn't premeditated or anything but I had been drinking and I started swinging,” Salzman calmly explained to the 911 operator.

    He only told his mother about the murder after she filed a missing persons report and planned to hire a search and rescue team to look for 49-year-old Richard Salzman.

    Hear raw audio from the 911 call here: http://kiro.tv/1kLM0Re

    Teresa Salzman remembered her uncle as a loving, talented man. She said the murder has left her and her family in shock.  “It’s deeply disturbing,” she said. “Obviously it’s just something that you could never foresee happening.”

    According to a probable cause affidavit filed in Pierce County Superior Court, Rylan Salzman and his father were drinking together on Saturday when the two got into an argument. Rylan Salzman claimed his father pushed him and he then hit his father in the head with a walking stick, the affidavit states. 

    The teenager then buried his father in a wooden compost box then poured oil and cat litter over the dirt to mask the odor. Parts of Richard Salzman’s bicycle were also found on top of the dirt in the box, according to the affidavit.

    The affidavit states Rylan Salzman confessed to his mother on Tuesday after she told him she was going to pay for a search party to locate his father after reporting him missing. Rylan then called 911.

    “He was entirely emotionless during his confession, no big deal,” said Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Lindquist.

    Lindquist said there was no evidence of abuse or ongoing problems between Rylan Salzman and his father. So far, investigators have not identified a motive for the murder.

    Teresa Salzman said her uncle was a caring man who would never harm his kids, and he and Rylan had a good relationship.

    “He was essentially a father to me and he loved his children and family dearly,” said Teresa Salzman.

    Rylan Salzman was ordered held on $1 million bail after pleading not guilty to second-degree murder. He could face 30 years in prison if convicted.

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