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Crews knock down brush fire near homes in Tacoma

A brush fire is burning close to homes in Tacoma. It is part of a larger battle against fires across the state.
The fire in Tacoma broke out on a steep hill near Viewpoint Park along Norpoint Way Northeast.
Residents had to fight the fire before firefighters arrived, according to Shawna Cheney who lives at the top of the hill on Pointe Woodworth Drive Northeast. “We all turned our hoses on," Cheney said.
Cheney recorded video as flames torched the hill below her neighborhood. She admits she feared for her life and her home.
Cheney joined neighbors who threw water on the fast-moving fire, holding it at bay until firefighters arrived. “The flames were leaping two stories tall at the fence,” Cheney said.
Joe Meinecke with Tacoma Fire Department said the help of the residents was appreciated.
“Some of the neighbors were putting water on what they could,” Meinecke said.
Meinecke said the first calls came in around 4:45 p.m. “This is our 10th brush fire in the last 24 hours, so very indicative of fire departments all the Puget sound region. Hot dry conditions contributed to this fire and others,” Meinecke said, adding that the department has been in action nearly every day since July 4.
Meinecke said this fire was a challenge. “The steep incline definitely contributed to the fire spread and difficulty putting it out,” Meinecke said.
Chopper 7 was overhead as the fire barreled up the hill to homes. Cheney marveled at the firefighters who defended the homes from high ground and her backyard. “He had a fire hose going full force on his right shoulder and single-handedly lifted and ripped the fence right from the fencepost,” Cheney said.
Cheney said burned grapevines show how close she came to losing her home. “How lucky we are to have the firefighters here that we have and that they are here for us?” Cheney said.
No one was injured, and no structures were damaged, according to the Tacoma Fire Department.

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