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Caught on camera: Lifesaving medicine stolen from heart transplant recipient

A Pierce County man said a stranger with a dog was captured on camera stealing two packages last Tuesday containing lifesaving medication that had been delivered to his doorstep.

Ron Kraft told KIRO 7 he received a heart transplant last year, after suffering from heart failure, and needs to take the medication that was stolen every 12 hours.

“If I don’t, my body starts rejecting my heart and things just start going all wrong,” said Kraft. “It’s life or death.”

Kraft said he grew worried when he thought the medicine never made it to his home near Puyallup, then checked his security cameras after speaking with the pharmacy that said it had been sent.

"I was shocked; I was at work and I was thinking, 'I can't believe I'm looking at this,'” said Kraft, who missed a dose of the medicine because of the theft. "I didn't have any at all, and when I realized I didn't have any medication, I was panicking."

Kraft, who shared the surveillance video online in hopes of someone identifying the man, said he filed a report with Pierce County deputies who did not immediately respond to our request for information on the status of the investigation.

"Let this guy know we're looking for him,” said Kraft, who also wants to send a message. “To just put a stop to it and think about it before you take from others."

Watch the surveillance video below and contact Pierce County deputies with tips:

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