• Cox Conserves Heroes: Frequently Asked Questions


    Who Is Eligible

    Individuals of all ages are eligible to become Cox Conserves Heroes. You may nominate yourself or someone else. Heroes and their projects must meet the following criteria:

    •      The activity cannot be part of one’s job.

    •      A Hero should be someone who has helped to create, protect and/or care for an outdoor place available for public relaxation, reflection or recreation by the community.

    •      The activity or project must be located within the community as defined by the local Awards Program.

    •      The Hero’s story should inspire others to act.

    •      The activity should be something that anyone could do.

    •      Previous Cox Conserves Heroes and finalists who received donations for their environmental nonprofits of choice are not eligible.

    Types of projects considered:

    •      Cleaning up/refurbishing a park or public place

    •      Helping to provide public access to a previously inaccessible place

    •      Beautifying a public place, e.g. planting/ tending to a community garden

    •      Volunteering at a local park

    •      Water conservation/protection-related projects

    •      Creating a program that gets people to public places

    •      Donating and/or assisting in the acquisition of land for public use

    •      Advocacy, education and/or community outreach for parks and open space 


    For any additional questions or requests for more information, please contact Jill Wiggins at jwiggins@kiro7.com.


    ***Nominations end June 13, so act now!***