SeattleInsider: Skyway Grocery Outlet pays homage to pop culture legends

SEATTLE, Wa. — There's only one place in the Seattle area where you can enjoy a view of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe high above a case of Eggo Waffles.

And only one place where you can salute the great Homer Simpson while choosing the perfect hummus.

I have three words for you: Skyway. Grocery. Outlet.

Click here to see photos of the memorabilia at the Skyway Grocery Outlet.

For owners Jeff and Erin McNeil, the dream began in March 2013 when they decided to open a store in the Skyway neighborhood.
Wanting to create a unique experience where people would feel a sense of ownership for their neighborhood store, they began collecting memorabilia that would speak to different backgrounds and interests.

"We wanted people to take pride in their neighborhood store," said Jeff McNeil.

And in addition to people "owning their store" they also wanted people to have an enjoyable experience while shopping for groceries.

This translated to the McNeil's scouring the worldwide web for iconic items from different decades in American history.

"We knew that music is always a big attraction," said Jeff. "So we started with a Route 66 theme and then to featuring different music."

Featuring music led to cool old Seattle artifacts which then led to showcasing Fred Flintstone above the meat market.

Natural progression, right?

Suffice it to say that this Grocery Outlet has a little bit of something for everyone, regardless of the age, interest or belief.

"We believe it's a positive influence on this community," said McNeil. 

It’s a positive influence that has locals enjoying shopping for groceries more than ever before.

Do you want to experience the store firsthand? Click here for a map and directions to the Skyway neighborhood Grocery Outlet.

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